Day 7 : Week 1 of Not feeling Full!

A day has passed since the end of the first week, and I can’t remember much about yesterday, apart from still being hungry. So I am not recording what I ate or did, coz I was pretty dam good again!

What I do want to reflect on is what I am learning. 12 weeks of a diet and exercise program seems like such a LONG time, and yet the first week has already flown and I have followed it fairly well (except for not doing the exercise whilst sick for 3 days).

So 11 weeks to go. Only lost about a kilo, but If I ramp up the exercise, and keep the food intake to what I am having now  I think I will be at my goal weight by Week 8. In fact I am sure of it.

This week has just shown me how much food I habitually eat on a day to day basis, and how much my body doesn’t actually need all that food. Once at 64 kilos, I will definitely enjoy some things that I would love every now and again, like a piece of gluten free orange cake which I am currently craving! And I won’t shy away from a glass of wine or some hot chips  or tortillas once in a blue moon. Hell no! But I really hope I feel the way about eating in the long term as I do this week.

I said to my husband tonight, maybe this feeling isn’t exactly hunger- maybe it is being “not full”. I certainly do feel lighter, even though the scales have only slightly moved. And that is so important.

I am learning a lot about how to take care of myself as well. No hangovers on the weekend is a great start! Continually putting food in my body that I know it appreciates, and that helps, not harms my chances of staying super healthy throughout my 40s. Each decade now I need to be fitter than the last. Coz the reality is, as we get older our state of health needs nurturing. No doubt there. This is where I want to start my nurturing. Not just being really slim and fit (ho ho and I WILL be!!). I want to change from someone who has more wine and coffee in a day than water, to someone who TOTALLY gets their body and takes great care of it in every way.

I also don’t want to have any regrets any day. I want to wake up knowing I can enjoy each day, totally in the moment, totally as if no other day really matters because on that day, I feel really great, and can have the strength and energy to make my kids day, my husbands day, as well as my own, and tackle anything that comes my way.

So there you go. That is my week!

Zen from the long-boarder mum…

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Day 6 of my 12 week body transformation!

Yes, it is the end of day 6 and I do not feel like I am “transforming”. All I feel is STARVING!!

Had a Fantabulous day for exercise and fairly fantabulous in following the meal plan. But with the exception of an hour or two after breakfast, I spent the whole day absolutely hungry. Which is pretty stupid, isn’t it? Or is that the only way I can be a fantastic 64 kilos?

I keep thinking too, that I know so much now about how to live a good lifestyle, that if I just get to my goal body and health I can easily maintain it. (Mish, don’t kid yourself, I knew about it before you came along, your plan is just the facilitation of the stuff I know!) So basically, I think if I do it once, I never have to do it again! And If I have a good day of running and activity, so what If I have a piece of cake? And eat it too? (Mmmm, cake!!)

So I just have to try to plug away and keep at this 1200 calorie a day thingy until I am at 64 kilos. Only 7 to go! And 64 is even extreme, I only want to get to that to allow myself a kilo or two up and down for the rest of my life. 64-66 is much better than 70-72!!

Here is how I went today…


  1. Two poached eggs on Burgen Diet Toast
  2. Strong Skinny latte (not too much milk, but replaced a snack anyway)
  3. Chicken breast and salad leaf wrap
  4. About 12 strawberries over the course of the day (took my kids strawberry picking, couldn’t help but eat them, they were awesome!) Probably blew my calories out of the ball park, but what the hell its fruit!
  5. 1 cup air popped pop corn (I was STARVING by that stage!)
  6. Indian fish on baby spinach with 2 cherry tomatoes, 1 sliced mushroom and mango yoghurt. Was very tasty, but as my main meal,  it didn’t touch the sides so they say.
  7. Normal Tea
  8. Cup peppermint tea

Pretty good really , still not entirely giving up the extra snacks but you can’t deny a starving mummy!


  1. Day 6 of exercise. A great run, upped the required 30 second jog with 130 second walk to 1 minuted jog to 1 minute walk, ending in the last bit to 2 minutes jog to 30 seconds walk. I think I will be able to do this running thing!
  2. Super Saturday exercises. But I skipped 2 lots of push ups. They are just so dam hard my arms couldn’t even move in the required direction, as much as I asked them too. HATE bootcamp style exercises too. And HATE burpees, but my daughter watched over me and made sure I did all 10 and both reps!

Big Wins?

Feeling like I really want to keep going and improving on how I am using this program. GREAT to be fit enough to exercise again after a few days of illness- felt awesome!!

Big Challenge?

Today I don’t feel like there are too many big challenges. I just realised that the first week has nearly gone, so 12 weeks will go extremely quickly. And I have loads of other excitements in my life happening in next 3 months (work related, not social which is bad for fun times, but good coz I won’t be tempted to drink bubbles and destroy a good diet).


More 12wbt diet hunger, although with the big breaky and chicken breast lunch I hope I don’t starve too much. Even though it is a rest day, I will try and do some exercise to make up for shabby week.


That is only a kilo, surely I can do it if I work my but off jogging and don’t eat over the plan??

My pic today… This is me at the start of next Summer. Jogging on the beach, nice and slim, very fit, loving life coz I achieved something I hadn’t been able to do with my own health earlier in the year and stayed in top shape. I will have proved to myself at the end of this year that my mindset is now changed forever, and I really know how to take care of myself. AND I will be enjoying exercise so much!! YAY for me in 6 months!!

until next blog xx

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Day 5 Already??

Day 5 and I can’t believe it is the weekend already!

Rush rush rush, son to childcare, sick daughter off to doctor all before starting work at 11am- didn’t eat my breakfast until after I got to work, survived the morning on a strong skinny latte. Not something I am in a hurry to give up every day! Decided it is okay to swap a strong skinny latte for a dairy snack. Got to have one vice right?

Due to rushness of day, lunch didn’t quite go to plan, and the timing of my meals was crazy, but apart from that I ate really well. Had to also change my lunch from menu plan, but still I don’t think it did any damage.


  1. Strong Skinny latte
  2. Low fat greek yoghurt, berries and sprinkle of musli
  3. Wholemeal wrap with chicken breast, low fat mayo and salad leaves
  4. Cup strong instant black coffee to stay awake at work in the afternoon (YUK but did the trick of staying awake without chocolate bars)
  5. Prawn Pad Thai (bit bland, but otherwise quite delicious)
  6. Cup of peppermint tea

Can’t believe I didn’t eat much else??

Big Wins:

Friday night with not even the slightest urge to have a beer or a glass of wine. In fact couldn’t think of anything worse! YAY!

Big Challenges:

Am not losing any weight with the lack of exercise. Although I am surprised if I don’t anyway, because my calorie intake is so much less than normal. Don’t have any food scales, and I am sure my portions are still too big. Must go and borrow some of my mum. 

This Weekend?

Am feeling so much better, so time to get stuck into exercise. BIG TIME. Will even do a sunday session to make up for the few days I was ill/ exhausted!

Until next blog xx…

Day 4 Snacks Galore

Day 4 is well over, but here goes for Day 4…

Day 4 started out terribly, because I was so ill I couldn’t get out of bed. Having had a very sick child all night long I also survived on only a few hours sleep. Running the day on cold and flu tablets and being overtired is not terribly conducive to doing any form of exercise, so I skipped it again and tried to have a sleep in.

My food intake was good, but I broke down in the afternoon through pure starvation. Having made pita crisps in the oven for the kids, I ended up eating a number of them. In fact, I think I ate about 8, which equates to a whole pita bread. BAH-BOW! Only another 258 kilojoules added on to my daily diet. BAH-BOW!

Oh, and I can’t forget the zooper dooper- was sooooo hot, and the kids had one, I just HAD to have one!


  1. Yoghurt breaky with fruit and musli sprinkles. GOOD!
  2. Ham and salad wrap from Fridays menu (couldn’t be bothered making the meal for lunch!)
  3. Banana
  4. About a million pita crisps (made in oven with olive oil spray and sea salt)
  5. I zooper dooper icy pole
  6. Cajun pork with coleslaw and sweet corn (very average meal I might add)
  7. Cup of Peppermint tea.

Pita crisps and zoopper dooper icy pole- BAD!

Big Wins:

No Alcohol vibe is still flowing. LOVE IT!

Big Challenges:

Stopping the snacking. STOP. SNACKING. NOW.

Rest of This Week?


No picture today. Got to do 2 posts and I can’t be bothered!

Until next blog xx…

Day 3 12wbt : 80% Diet 20% exercise!

Day 3 is over, it is now morning of Day 4.

I have not really started this crusade well. I am too unwell to run or get out of bed in the morning, not to mention the excruciating lack of sleep from my daughter giving us no peace and quite during the night from same said bug. A serious sore throat and migraine-style headache to boot!

Never the less, I have persisted with the new way of eating off the 12wbt meal plan, so I guess I can say it is my “warm up” week!

I am not concerned about the exercise getting off to a slow start, because I know well the old 80/20 rule. Losing weight is 80% what you eat, and 20% the exercise. An old friend of mine who is a fitness “freak” (and I mean a FREAK who’s dream weekend is a 80km bike ride saturday morning, afternoon of timed orienteering, then sunday running the local triathlon) recently reminded me of this, but I know in my heart of hearts, diet is the main thing keeping me back. Most of the time I am fairly good at exercising- I ride, talk brisk morning walk/jogs, surf and do a couple of stand up paddle sessions during the week. So even though I do need to intensify my workouts if I am to run 5-10 km, it is diet that keeps my belly around. (And I mean A-ROUND!!)

So let the diet continue. Feeling slightly better today, but hopefully will be back running tomorrow. Scales are showing 1-2 kilos lighter than last week on weigh in day, so at least I am moving in the right direction. If I can take that as a true kilo then I only have 6 to go!

But here was Day 3:


  1. Apple & Ricotta on Fruit Toast (how horrible was that??) for breaky
  2. Long black coffee
  3. Banana for snack
  4. Mountain bread with sliced fillet stake (in lieu of slice of roast beef- added another 200 calories I would say, but was still healthy and delicious!)
  5. Another banana for afternoon snack
  6. Cup of air popped pop corn
  7. Chicken lemon and rosemary kebabs with potato, beans and rocket (delicious meal- my husband loved it too!)
  8. Cup of normal tea (naughty!)
  9. Cup of peppermint tea

So a few naughty things thrown in there, but much MUCH healthier than I have eaten for years.

Big Wins:

No Alcohol now for at least 4 days YIPPEE! And I am definitely thinking more about how important this program is for habit changing- I can already see how bad my old eating habits were.

Big Challenges:

Pending dinner with friends has turned into a low cal dinner prepared by a girlfriend who is more than happy to entertain the idea AND have limited alcohol themselves or NONE!

Socialising however, still to me is the biggest bug bear- still trying to ward off any activity!

This Week?

Just concentrating on getting better so I can get stuck into exercise!

AND A BIG WELCOME TO THOSE OF YOU READING MY BLOG: I HOPE YOUR 12WBT IS GOING WELL SO FAR!! If you are anything like me, you may have also wanted to change your habits. So if (like me) the first week hasn’t started off by the book, don’t worry because we have more than 11 weeks of learning to do- We have to get it right by then surely!!

My picture today is a random selection of denim outfits- can’t wait to try on my new jeans! I will shop for them in about 4-6 weeks and hoping to have less falling over the top of them!

Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 8.22.19 AM

Until next blog…

Day 2 12wbt – I ate an IKEA meatball!! (only 1…..)

Big Fail! I ate one IKEA meatball. I was preparing my kids food and was SOOOOO STARVING and they were right there in front of me, all hot and yummy looking- I just could not resist!

Well that I suppose was the worst of it. I am still having TERRIBLE trouble sticking to 1200 calories, but I don’t think I did too badly if you don’t talk about the IKEA meatball incident…

Generally I was staving again. And I had to drive to Melbourne so HAD to have a coffee. But I got a Long black on the way at Bean Squeeze so I don’t think that counts in calories does it?  And I had a meeting so I had to have another coffee. But I had a skinny flat white, and substituted my dairy based snack for that heavenly coffee. (I hope thats okay Mich!)


  1. Yoghurt and apple puree breaky as per the plan (didn’t even touch the sides!)
  2. Long Black
  3. Skinny flat white
  4. 2 slices of grainy healthy bread with banana (instead of beef stroganoff- couldn’t take that to a trip to IKEA now, could you?)
  5. 1 apple
  6. Snack of celery and carrot sticks with a big tablespoon of beetroot dip (skinny kind) – wasn’t part of the plan but I was so hungry I was shaking!
  7. Sweet potato filo on baby spinach. Was quite tasty, and I couldn’t measure the potato so I am quite sure it was a very large serve- so over I go again!!
  8. 1 peach
  9. 2 cups peppermint tea



  1. Day 2 of exercise. Couldn’t find the skipping rope ANYWHERE so had to run around the block for 5 minutes warm up. Exercises were HARD!

Big Wins?

Another very, very healthy day despite the skinny flat white and a couple of added snacks.

Big Challenge?

Not thinking about how much longer to go I have. 2 down 82 to go. Doesn’t seem like there is any light at end of tunnel.

Forgot to get back to my girlfriends about dinner- too scared to say yes incase I eat something awful or get tempted to have a glass of wine- think I might just ask them for coffee instead???

This week?

More 12wbt boringness.

My pick for the day is a blue frangipani on a beach – don’t ask me why. I just think it looks calming. Which is how I need to stay…Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 11.34.45 PM


Day 1 of the Infamous Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation fad – and OH MY LORDY am I BLOODY HUNGRY!!

I have met several people who have done it so successfully in the past- and Now I know why!! They STARVE THEMSELVES!!

Seriously, I have been so hungry most of the day. Breakfast filled me up for about an hour. Fruit snacks did nothing, lunch was delicious but nowhere near enough, and dinner was also delicious but I was hungry 10 minutes later.


  1. Bircher Breaky as per the program
  2. 6 Grapes
  3. 3 Strawberries
  4. Delicious Chicken/ Pecan/ Cranberry Wrap thingy
  5. 6 wholemeal rice crackers, 2 with Tzatiki (which can you believe tipped me over my calorie allowance??)
  6. 2 celery sticks with Hummus (BAAAAD break in the program)
  7. Quite tasty Wholemeal pasta dinner with beef stroganoff – very tasty BUT NOW ITS 8 PM AND I AM STARVING!!
  8. 2 CUPS Peppermint tea – Whoohoo!!


  1. Day 1 of the 12wbt Learn to run program- 30 minutes of walk/ jog kind of jiggy
  2. Great paddle on my Stand Up Paddle board after my walk jog- BLISS!

Big Wins?

Probably the healthiest eating/ drinking I have had for years!

Big Challenge?

I am SOOOOO starving I am wondering if this is the only way!!???

And have just been asked out to meet some gals for dinner who are so much fun and I always would enjoy a glass of wine or 3 with them- feel like saying No, how will I make it through the night not eating anything???

This week?

More 12wbt boringness.

Only well over 80 days to go. AAAAGHHHHH!!

Until next time I will leave you with a pic I stole from the internet ( of Kassia Meador- I want to surf like her and nothing stopping me from having the body too right?? HA HA!!

Screen shot 2014-02-03 at 8.25.32 PM

3 Days to go!

Hello Blog!

What a lovely day it has been. My daughter had a triumphant return to school, and I got to spend the day with my son, together just the two of us between school hours. Coffee, play at the park, tea parties, train tracks and I have to admit, some time on the computer while he relaxed in front on Fireman Sam.

But as I am currently a little obsessed with the state of my health, I did talk about and think about the pending 3 months ahead a little too much today.

I met yet another inspiring mum at my daughters school this morning who I have seen running nearly all the mornings I take a ride/ walk/ jog around our beautiful coastline. I told her she inspired me because I knew she must have been really training hard lately after having a baby last year. And then she told me it was thanks to the last 12wbt, and not only has she learned to run she has lost 12 kilos! Wow!

Chatting to her however, seemed to have an opposite effect on me. Rather than motivate me, it just gave me the pre-life-changing-program blues. The 5 kgs that I would love to lose for ever seem so bloody hard to say goodbye to right at this point. I can’t imagine changing my life that much that I take full control over my body and it thanks me for it. I am actually starting to get scared! My husband, who knows me so well, is also extremely sceptical that I would make it through one week of a new diet and exercise approach, let alone 12.

So already, my brain is not sending the best signals to my heart. You could say that today I am dis-heartened, dis-enchanted and any other kinds of dis-type emotions you could think of. Just not sure if I can do it. But I have signed up. And I will give it a go.

So what did today look like?


  1. Skinny flat white and a picolo coffee – went to a new cafe and didn’t get the usual kick I expect from my first coffee!
  2. Scrambled eggs on toast at the cafe, though my son ate most of the eggs. So I guess you could say I had 2 servings of eggy soaked toast.
  3. Wholemeal tomato sandwhich (absolutely deliciously simple)
  4. Pistachio Ice-cream for afternoon tea- had to treat the kids to an ice-cream after the first day of school!
  5. White coffee at home
  6. One chocolate ripple biscuit
  7. A banana
  8. Huge serving of mixed salad
  9. Way too many home cooked chicken schnitzels
  10. 1 and half glasses of Sav Blank (dam bottle from 2 nights ago was still bloody open!) So NAUGHTY!! But my lovely neighbour passed by this evening and we just had to share the rest of that open bottle (excuses, excuses…)
  11. Probably a cup of tea now and a hideous night snack!

Yes I hear you- Not great!


  1. No exercise to report.

Big Wins: 

Nothing on the food/ exercise front. But did love hanging out with my little man, and getting the taste of what 3 days a week are going to be like for me from now on- Yippee!

This week?:

GOT to drink LOTS more water. MUST buy myself my own litre water bottle that stays well away from kids, and make sure I drink 3-4 of them per day. Then I have to go and prepare myself for the start of the challenge on Monday.

I did buy our family one of those super cool calendars so we can be SUPER organised from now on, and I have NO EXCUSES to miss a jog or forget to prepare the right food.


4 days to go!

I am a shocker, this entry is 18 hours late! Can’t get into bad habits when the 12wbt actually starts. BUT I do have an tiny excuse.

Just goes to show, that along the way, there are always going to be things that are not entirely in your control. I plan on sitting down to my food and exercise journal once the kids are tucked away in bed and I can happily concentrate. As it happened last night, I was dealing with an extremely upset, itchy, crazed 6 year old who was probably suffering pre-starting-school anxiety & the poor love just needed every ounce of our time, cuddles (& patience- mine almost went I tell you, but for sake of staying true as a loving mum I hung in there!)

Back to my food & exercise diary (for YESTERDAY!):

In: Too many calories to count AGAIN!

  1. Strong skinny latte again to start the day, but managed to tuck into a bit of my daughters croissant as well (vv naughty!)
  2. Toastie wrap with too much salami, capsicum and cheese.
  3. Oodles of popcorn (made for the kids of course, but when that butter and salt goes on I just COULDN’T help myself!)
  4. Tiniest bit of apple and a couple of strawberries (my gosh, my fruit intake is insufferably poor)
  5. Another strong skinny latte at the park
  6. A small packet of Vanilla Tiny Teddies (at the park, handing them out to the kids, there was one packet left- what was I supposed to do with them?)
  7. Huge serving of my own delicious cous cous salad
  8. 3 chicken and roasted vege kebabs
  9. 2 Big fat glasses of Sav Blanc. So NAUGHTY!! But lovely…
  10. Cup of Tea

Nightwatch was HIDEOUS as I ended up at midnight again with my poor itchy daughter. Had no less than 2 pieces of toast slathered with peanut butter AND butter. Hmmmm….


  1. 10 or 15 minutes of bike riding. Resting my fish-hook foot, so that was about it!

Big Wins: 

No chocolate or Ice-cream!

This week?:

Still trying to be better. Looking forward to getting recipes today for next week- HOORAY!!

Until next blog….